Birds – Nova Scotia

I saw this Seagull struggle with eating a very large meal along the shore. I initially thought it was a crab or lobster…nope, it was a bird/duck of some sort. This was both interesting. I saw another Gull Flying away.

I walked by and I noticed this sweet chick-a-dee.
I like everything about them and they’re sure to lift your spirits.


  1. When I see that seagull, the line “Yeah, yeah. Stuff your face and fly off” comes to mind. Chickadees are cute, but after living in Calgary, I got more attached to the magpies. The chickadee became Calgary’s official bird, but because it’s also Edmonton’s official bird there was some disappointment over the results. However, the magpie didn’t need to win because no needs to tell them they are great. They have high self-esteem and they know they are great

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  2. Oh, the poor baby duckling is swallowed alive. I have to say seagulls at the shore are quite fierce creatures. Sometimes I can see them in Walmart parking lot here, 30 miles inland from the shore.

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