St Petersburg – Russia

2013- Day 2- Church of the Spilled Blood
Then we made our way to the Church was named Spilled Blood. We only wore T shirts because we didn’t think it was very cold, and it was warm. All the Russians wore big coats and jackets. We were OK, but I think they thought we were really confident and tough, or just crazy! Either way, nobody gave us any trouble!

We were astounded by the beauty and uniqueness of the famous church. It was built on the site where Czarist Alexander II was assassinated. Christian orthodox without a bare spot to be had anywhere.

Quite an impressive display of architecture and art. We took an audio tour here and it was well worth the our time here. Now we know what we looked at and it was so impressive. We took many photos

My hubby saw me and I was buying these at the souvenir bazaar! I got it! Forty minutes later we decided to go back and get our jackets at the hotel which wasn’t far away.

We had planned dinner at a highly rated restaurant nearby. It was around the corner from our hotel and we had the greatest fantastic beef dinner. So yummy!


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