Ha Long Bay – Vietnam

$49.00 day tour through Viator. We didn’t take a chance on going with the $25.00 tour sold in the Old Quarter, nor being ripped off with the $280.00 tour we saw online. Also we said no to the overnight option as the boats are all old wooden, and rats hiding out onboard

Ha Long Bay is a WOW moment. There are 900 limestone pinnacle mountains rising from the water. Chinese Junk boats everywhere. This also adds to the view

Next we sail through the caves on bamboo boats, rowed by locals. The scenes of the mountains from sea level are amazing.

Walking through the limestone caves were interesting as well.

On return to our boat, the sun is getting lower making the scenery even more gorgeous. Ha Long Bay is the main reason we decided to stay in Hanoi. The view is so incredible and never to be forgotten.


  1. It’s a beautiful spot – I’m glad you found a tour that suited you and gave you a great view of the bay and chance to visit the caves. We did opt for an overnight one. The boat was very luxurious and I certainly didn’t see any rats or other vermin! It was lovely to see the lights of other boats at night and the early morning light over the rocks, even though we didn’t have particularly good weather. And it gave us the time to go further, where fewer boats venture and it’s a bit quieter!

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  2. Such a scenic boat ride! After reading a few blog posts about Ha Long Bay, I’m smitten with it and I want to go someday. I’m also a Viator booker through and through, as I’ve been satisfied with the tours I’ve found through them!

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  3. When we visited we did do an overnight stay & I’m glad to report that we didn’t see any rats πŸ˜‰ What was nice though, was waking up early and seeing the morning mist play over the bay. It was quite magical. Thanks for sharing your photos. I reminded me of our trip, where just like you, we visited Hanoi just so we could see Ha Long Bay.

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