Tiger Safari Ranthambore National Park

 2012- Arriving from our 5 hour train trip from Delhi and off we go on Safari. We are so excited with the hope of seeing a tiger in the wild.  We get the last two seats in the Cantor. Honestly, we have no idea what to expect. I’m on the edge of a very small two person seat in an open cantor, which is like a big jeep. With all the bumps .I feared I would end up on the floor or in the woods.

We noticed all these people looking at us and we are waving to each other .

Our group is made up of some very jovial Australian teachers who are travelling together and some young Americans .We had lots of fun sharing travel stories and binoculars.  After jostling around we take a few pictures of a bird on top of a jeep, and a crocodile staring at us…maybe he would eat us.

There is a Tiger up ahead! Our driver puts it in high gear and with all of us holding on for our lives we race to the viewing area. Sure enough hidden in the tall grass there is a Tiger lounging on his back . It is easy to loose sight of him but every now and and then he walked in front of us. Scary!

As the  sun sets at 5:30 we leave the park . Time to get back , warm up and  share a toast to our Tiger.


  1. A safari can be such a wonderful experience. Great you saw a croc and a tiger up close. Back in 2013 we travelled in Nepal and India. Whilst in India we did a safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve and like you were lucky to see a tiger up close. It was resting at the edge of a large pond about 15 metres from our Jeep. Just amazing!
    Thanks for reminiscing. Cheers, Mark

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  2. What a thrilling time! You were so close to some intimidating animals, including the crocodile and tiger…I had no idea that India had safaris, too, but given the country’s diverse species, it’s not a surprise!

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