Uniacke Estate Museum and Park

The estate of Attorney-General Richard John Uniacke (1753-1830) was built around 1813. It was a four hour horse back ride to and from Halifax. He was a lawyer, office holder, and politician, and in Republic of Ireland. He arrived in Nova Scotia, via the West Indies and Philadelphia.

He was a wealthy man and invested his money into the land. He cleared 100 acres for planting crops, kept animals and built farm buildings. He was an Attorney General until his death 1830. He also founded the Charitable Irish Society to establish the Irish immigrants.

Old vehicles dating back to the early 1800’s. The one left is called Peddler’s Wagon. On the right is the Depot Wagon and later named a Station Wagon.

We entered inside this house and it was such an historic site we saw. It was definitely a mansion and much of the property remains in original condition, fully in tact.

Later we hiked around the trail system with something for all of us to see. There are nice short loops around the house and by the lake. However, I had to be careful for not tripping over these tree roots.


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