Birds on the Rocks – Puffins

NEWFOUNLAND – we saw these clown-like creatures and he is kissing his wife. We walked to see this Puffin site, there is a 5-minute walk from the road to the cliff that faces Elliston Bird Island .

The Atlantic Puffin is a pigeon-sized sea bird, the smallest species of puffin. Their black head, back and wings contrast sharply with their white underside, while their blue, orange and yellow beaks and bright orange feet give them a splash of colour.

Now we noticed she is kissing her husband. They are so photogenic.


  1. Oh, they’re so adorable! I love puffins as much as penguins (although interesting to note, they are very different bird species, despite looking similar)! ❀


  2. They’re very unusual looking birds. We have the tufted puffins here on the west coast. They look just like the Atlantic puffins but they have tufts of feathers hanging down on the sides of their face. Nice post, Anita.

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