Sweeney Museum Yarmouth-Nova Scotia

The W. Laurence Sweeney Fisheries Museum was created by W. Laurence Sweeney’s son and daughters. We learned to convey the story of all the people of Laurence Sweeney Fisheries Limited

A small but beautiful museum to learn about the history of the Sweeney Fisheries.
We were here for research, but this is a museum for everyone interested in the fish industry and fishing boats and Rum Running Years.

Marine Slip and Machine Shop Lawrence Sweeney – needed repair and maintenance for his vessels.

Rum Running Years-1925 large cargos of contraband liquor landed at the North West Arm and the Bedford Basin, where rum runner headquarters were established. The south shore of Nova Scotia has hundreds of islands off shore which made it a perfect place for the rum-runners because they could hide their boats and liquor in one of their many coves.

An Ancient old Fish Cart dated back to the early 1900’s

The fisheries museum contains reproduced buildings inside.

We noticed an ancient old Office. There was a typewriter on the desk, an old telephone and a cast iron safe. This caught our attention.


  1. On the morning of June 12, they ran into a bad storm off the coast of Massachusetts, said Lt.-Cmdr. Mason Wilcox of the U.S. Coast Guard. COAST Coast NS were towed back to NS. Around June this year.


  2. Off topic:
    Have you heard anything about two German sailors [husband and wife] who were killed in a storm off Nova Scotia around June 12? They were take off their boat, the “Escape” by the Coast Guard, and later their boat was towed inti Dartmouth. Since I followed them on their blog I’m highy interested,
    Their last post with some comments wbout the incident is here:


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