BOAT ON THE ROCKS – Peggy’s Cove

High and blustery winds. It was a wonderful site to see but we  always stay away from the black rocks near the ocean. We would be swept away with these huge waves .

A young man drowned in April and was swept into the ocean on the black rocks Peggy’s Cove, N.S. in the evening .


      1. Yeah I do not understand how waterfront communities do not teach people about water.

        Always amazes me! I am from Argentina and gave always lived in port cities…. Man I really let parents have it Whalen they do not teach kids how to swim. Even in miami and like some of the Islands …. They do not force people to learn to swim

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  1. Lovely shots, Anita. It could be dangerous to cross a certain limit when near water bodies. A couple of weeks ago we read a news saying a family lost their 2 kids while vacationing in Muscat due to strong waves.

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