Osprey Family Nova Scotia

Mama delivering dinner to her kids. They are soooo hungry.

This adult osprey brings food the nest with two 45 day old chicks

I realized these Ospreys are related to eagles and hawks. For this reason biologists place them in a separate taxonomic family by themselves. I noticed they have a brown stripe runs across the head through the fierce yellow eyes. In flight Ospreys hold their wings with a bend at the “elbow”.

Lands and Forestry told us the Ospreys return to Nova Scotia from their wintering grounds in South America and the Caribbean by mid-April.


  1. Great photos of a great subject! Well done to get such sharp pictures. I love these birds, they are so beautiful. Our rosellas, King Parrots and magpies have just come in for some wild bird seed on a very frosty morning.

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