Nova Scotia to Newfoundland by Ferry

They told we had arrive two hours boarding. We drove fours hours from our area. We went through the gates and waited three hours for boarding. The was at the dock.We are exhausted 😩. No snacks and we hungry.

Finally we got on board and found better seats up front. It was a 6 hour cruise. No internet available and no screen infront was shut down. At least we grabbed a sandwich. These were great paintings on the wall near the restaurant.

So many containers on the bottom deck . They are all being imported from Nova Scotia. But such rough waters

We noticed there were commorants on top the structure.

We noticed these were painting the deck


  1. ohhhh that is interesting! We almost added Newfoundland to our upcoming trip back east, but the logistics were getting too confusing so we decided to leave that for a completely different trip.

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  2. Wow, waiting three hours for boarding?? Especially when there’s not much to entertain you, it sounds incredibly boring! But the boat ride over, despite the rough waters, was a godsend, as you finally were going somewhere!

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  3. Sounds pretty uncomfortable. Nevertheless Newfoundland is on my bucket list. If you haven’t read it yet, suggest you read the great Farley Mowat’s The Boat that Wouldn’t Float. A wonderful and funny book.

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