Ho Chi Minh City – (Saigon)

One hour flight from Phu Quoc to Ho Chi Minh on board a prop plane “VASCO”. Limited security at check-in and bottled water permitted on board. Our carry on baggage didn’t fit in the overhead. The flight attendant said we can put in on the floor in the middle of the isle. Passengers could trip over our luggage.

Upon arrival, the airport was in pure chaos. Jammed with tons of people, scurrying all over place. Worse case, our driver we had booked through our hotel didn’t arrive. We took the airport cab. Friendly driver and only $9.00 to District 1.. Perfect!!

Beautiful Saigon Hotel, District 1– Disappointed with the room we had booked. No window and so musty. Felt like we were in a scout camp. We were about to leave but accepted the offer of a room, similar to the other, cramped space but at least it had a tiny window. The good side was it was clean and in a good location.

We enjoyed our evening outside at the bar CRAZY BUFFALO. New Years Day and Night, all the bars and restaurants are open.

Lots of excitement and fun shopping at the market.


  1. Wow, talk about a safety hazard with putting luggage in the aisle! All the same, it’s good you arrive safe and sound, as well as enjoyed a nice meal even on New Year’s!

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