Hanoi – Day 2

2017 – Hoan Kiem -this is Hanoi’s major commercial district. The ancient commercial streets which are named after their original businesses dating back about 1,000 years. Entering a three story market, which we realize, is actually a wholesale bulk buy place. We thought it was a Mall. Regardless, we were able to buy a couple of wallets, some T Shirts and a cool flashlight to safe us in the night.

The small shops in the area have interesting things to buy, including knockoff luggage, sports clothing, sunglasses etc. etc. As I have carry on luggage only, I bought seven beautiful scarves..

Hoa Lo Prison (Hanoi Hilton) – In the afternoon this was a grueling site we saw. We arrived here from our hotel by Tuk Tuk.

American Armed forces, including US Senator John McCain were imprisoned here. The imprisonment began in 1964. The POW’s were released in 1973 as part of Homecoming Operation. The history of brutality goes back many years. Built in the 19th century it originally held up to 600 Vietnamese prisoners.


  1. Such a contrast between the colourful stalls and that room in the Hanoi Hilton. Despite that, I really wanted to visit the latter but we just didn’t have long enough here.

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  2. I too visited the Hanoi Hilton. I thought the museum did a nice job depicting the history of the prison and its many “residents.” The only off note, I thought, was a video that bragged without irony about the “Hilton” appellation — “because the prisoners were treated so well.” Thanks for sharing your photos and experiences there.

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  3. Shopping anywhere in Asia is surely a colorful experience. I recall going shopping in China and Taiwan, and there are so many items of just about anything (clothes, bags, shoes, etc) that are sure to keep you occupied for hours. Seems like Hanoi isn’t any different!

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