Gigantia Temples- Gozo

2018 – Malta -We catch Bus 222 from Sliema for the ferry Gozo. Took about an hour to arrive to the ferry. 460 Euro return. The Ferry crossing took about 25 minutes. Fabulous views of the coast along the way. The Bus is there as soon as we dock. Our hour drive to the Temples gave us a chance to see much of the island.

At the Visitor Center we see many displays of artifacts dating back to around 3000 to 2400 BC. The information describes this as a second oldest archeological ruin on Earth.

Xaghra Stone Circle-We follow the trail through the stone walled farmland to the Circle of Stone (not an actual stone circle). We learn it is actually a prehistoric burial site.

Ggantija Temples– The ancient stone rooms and they are an unusual covered cave like areas. Very interesting. Tall stone pillars dating back thousands of years and are still standing.


  1. I went there, too! I likewise took the bus and ferry over to Gozo, but took another bus to reach the Gigantia Temples. Very fascinating stuff, to say the least!


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