Tuk Tuk Driver Tour – Sri Lanka

2013 – Negombo, Sri Lanka – Our Tuk Tuk driver takes us on tour around the area

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FISH MARKET -Before we could see the market we could smell the fish. The market was teaming with fish and people were so busy busy !! We follow our driver along the fishy water pathway to the market. The vendors were busy gutting fish for customers. Many varieties of fish and some with brilliant color. We took a picture of a parrot fish. Also some of the largest Tiger Shrimp I have never seen.

Parrot Fish

On the left – Tiger Shrimp

Huge collections of mats near the beach, where fish are spread out to dry.

70 KM Canal, beginning in Negombo and ends in Colombo. It is quite a feat considering it had been built hundreds of years ago by the Dutch. I am thinking it may have been built by the Sri Lankans with the Dutch overseeing the engineering. It facilitate the trade of spices including cinnamon. Cinnamon groves still exist here and originated by the Dutch in the 1600’s

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  1. The smell of fish can be pervasive, so kudos to you for being able to navigate the market with that smell: I wouldn’t be surprised if you returned to your hotel smelling like fish! I can imagine that they must be delicious to eat, though!


  2. This is so interesting! The Parrot Fish is beautiful and the tiger shrimp are enormous. I feel like I was there! Taking a tour by Tuk-Tuk is brilliant. I used Tuk-Tuk’s in Cambodia. I’m glad I faced backwards: I didn’t have to see the crazy traffic our driver navigated! Thanks for taking us to Sri Lanka!


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