Wolf Moon

I saw this Wolf Moon in our back yard and caught my attention.

Years ago it’s thought that January’s full Moon came to be known as the Wolf Moon because wolves were more likely to be heard howling at this time. It was traditionally believe that wolves howled due to hunger during winter


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    Did Some Howling at The Moon

    I feel the same way about the “Wolf Moon” and have taken many a photo of them not only because I love how they look, but because “I love wolves,” and can certainly identify with Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild.” Then add to this that I can actually do a very good wolf howl; which I often would do at times during a “January Full Moon” with my multiple dogs sitting outside late at night, all enjoying the “January Wolf Moon” together; so I figure we can conclude that they bring out “the Wolf in me!”

    YouTube video

    Brother in Christ Jesus,
    Lawrence Morra III

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      1. And they rightly should; as these are the parts that make up their natural world, and where and how they can express their spirit back to nature and God, having been given the incredible gift of existence which they appreciate!
        This is why I enjoy howling with them for sure; but not because I’m a werewolf or anything like that! Hahaha!

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  2. Interesting! Never knew about the Wolf Moon in January, but it makes sense now. Hopefully, the wolves find food, so they don’t howl all year-round! XD


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