Finland to Russia

2013 -St. Peter Line – St. Petersburg

We caught a taxi to West Terminal , as it seemed too inconvenient to look for a bus.

We checked in early 3pm , a very painless process. They looked at our passport , online Reservation and hotel booking .They gave us our boarding card , which also served as a room key, departure card , arrival card and immigration paper…then we simply walked on to the boat….

Our room was simple but clean and adequate …shower was good…lot,s of hot water. We stayed on the 4th floor…just down the hall from guest services.

We decided on the buffet at 29euros as it included , appetizer ,main and dessert , plus a glass of champagne , vodka shot and unlimited wine…hated the wine but still thought it was good value. We enjoyed trying the different foods …especially the red and black caviar.

After dinner we went to the nightclub and stayed for three hours. Watching the entertainment. All in all a very enjoyable night.

Next morning we had the buffet breakfast for 11 euros..once again , no complaints with the meal .We docked on time. It took about 25 minutes to clear customs . we showed our arrival and departure cards and passport .They give back your departure card, and you keep that on you for your whole stay …it shows the tour you booked with St Peter Line. They didn’t even look at our hotel receipt, But we our own, The people in front of us had trouble though. I think they had a private tour booked and they were questioned and taken out of the line… worries though saw them at the Hermitage so they must have straightened it out.

We exchanged money in the terminal, there is an ATM as well and went outside where the shuttle van was waiting.

The van stopped at St Isaacs Cathedral ….which was only a 10 minute walk for us to our hotel…glad we had a map though.

Nevsky Grand Hotel

Nevsky Grand, Saint Petersburg | 2022 Updated Prices, Deals

We are so happy with this hotel. They are very helpful and have a English speaking person on the desk. They let us check in right away at11AM. They gave us a better map and directions to the Hermitage which is only a 10 min walk .Great location. The room is small but clean and nice…breakfast included and we got a great rate with Expedia.


  1. great city St P! Interesting way to get there, I wanted to use the train (back in 2007) but couldnt get a booking and ended up bussing to Tallinn and taking the ferry to helsinki from there, which was only a couple of hours from memory. thanks for sharing!


  2. Sounds like a great way to travel and the buffet is a great deal and looks delicious 🙂 We went to St Petersburg in 1984 when it was still Leningrad. It was winter so very cold and snowy, but beautiful. I’m looking forward to reading about your more recent experiences there.


  3. I can’t wait to read about your adventures in Saint Petersburg! I went there almost a decade ago, and it was a short, but fun time. 29 euros for dinner (and unlimited drinks) is the dream!


  4. I can’t remember the name of our hotel i St. Petersburg, but it was way back in the 70s so it’s probably gone now or name-changed. I think it was on the Nevski Prospekt and it was nearly opposite the Aurora. I had always imagined me getting to St. Petersburg, hailing a cab, and like Anna Karenina, dramatically demanding “Take me to the Finland Station” but I would have probably ended up in prison in those days for daring to act like this – even if taxis were available. I don’t seem to remember any. Love the image of the food, reminds me of breakfasts in Finland and Sweden, that lovely bread.

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  5. We’ve used that St. Peter Line crossing a couple of times from Helsinki but found the boat to be very dated but passable. I think we have been spoilt by the much nicer Siljja Line ferries that we have used frequently between Helsinki and Stockholm.

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