Four Deer In Our Neighborhood.

White-tailed deer are the most common deer species in all of North America. Although not native to Nova Scotia, white-tailed deer arrived in the province over 100 years ago.

However these deer carry Black legged Ticks and also known as the Deer Tick. I found a tick on my Dog many times and once on me. I bit scary.

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  1. I didn’t know that they can bear ticks. Luckily, in spite of all the deer we have in our yard, I’ve never fould any on myself or on any of our kitties. We love our deer, even if they steal the bird feed and eat shrubs and flowers.


  2. Deer are cute, but ticks are not. Some even carry horrible diseases like Lyme disease. Always be cautious when close to wild animals and always cover up whenever on trails!


  3. Great photo, Anita! They are very common in Michigan. On my last trip to Michigan in December, a guy I worked with for 20 years had some deer jerky. It’s so delicious and very low in fat. They are beautiful animals, and very tasty.

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      1. I don’t want a tick of any kind on me. I wouldn’t even care if they were supposed to be disease-free. They dig in and suck my blood and that’s too much for me to endure, And anyway, they are arachnids (like spiders). But, I’m sorry to have to disagree with your commenter (grandmisadventures) about the ticks not carrying disease. They do carry Lyme disease and you need to be careful.


  4. They look so cute. A close friend of mine has been getting deer coming into her garden which has been a real nuisance as she is an avid gardener and they are eating her plants. It’s strange as she has lived there over 20 years and this is the first year she has been troubled with them.

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