Helsinki, Finland – Day 3

Market Square – We spent hours here making sure to see every craft store. There are some wonderful Finnish handicrafts here. We buy a couple of lovely wooden hats and a numbered print from a local artist of a reindeer. There are so many fur garments not able wear these anymore. There were lots of tourists who seem happy to wear minks and fox furs. They did have many wonderful local crafts, reindeer antler bottle openers and wine corks.

We were excited to eat this food here. So delicious! We had reindeer meat balls, served with little new potatoes and lots of nice cooked vegetables. We sat with a picnic crowd and enjoyed our lunch.

Uspenski Cathedral -This red brick Finnish Orthodox church with golden onion domes is quite a sight perched high on a hill above the harbour. It was a bit of a climb and good for burning calories from our Lunch.

Ahh! We noticed it is closed on Mondays. Its OK we might try again tomorrow , either way , a nice look over the harbour and market square from the church grounds. This is a Russian built church from 1868. We learned later, the top onion dome represent Christ and the other smaller ones are the 12 apostles.

The next morning we finally got inside. It was worth the climb. Beautiful inside with dark colours and wonderful paintings and statues.

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We walked along the park and then we crossed the street to walk along this upscale road and do some window shopping. I especially loved taking a look at the 2000.00 euro hand bags at Louis Vuitton Store.

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  1. I always love a good market but like you I would shy away from anything made with real fur. The Uspenski Cathedral interior looks lovely, I’m glad you were able to go back to see inside and share it with us 🙂


  2. Those apples look mouthwatering! I remember once being in Stockholm and seeing teenagers happily buying berries in plastic cups to eat as they walked along and I thought, “Ah, now I can see why the Scandinavian races are all so slim while we are suffering an epidemic of obesity”! The amount of really fresh fruit on sale, and being bought by young people, was amazing.


  3. Ah, I visited Market Square during my brief time in Helsinki! The produce looked so fresh and the homemade crafts were quaint and tempting to purchase…I saw the Uspenski Cathedral in the distance, but I didn’t go inside. Such a shame, because the interior is golden and lovely!


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