Copenhagen- Day 3

2013- This was such an interesting site to see. Walking towards the Town hall we noticed the statue of Hans Christian Anderson born in the 1800’s and a prolific Danish author. We took our turns leaning near his knee. Just had to do it. There are so many wonderful statues and monuments all around the city.

Just before looking for a bus we spot the canal tours. Seemed like a perfect way to see the sites from the canal. It cost about $15.00 each and we enjoyed an hour tour in English and Danish .

Old Stock Exchange -17th-century stock exchange in the center of Copenhagen.

Amalienborg Palace in the heart of Copenhagen – is the home of the Danish royal family.

Black Diamond Library -it is an extension of Royal Library in Copenhagen. It is among the largest libraries in the world. Such great way to see this from the canal. When we docked and grabbed this bus quickly and for $ 10.00 we congratulated ourselves with our ease of adapting to the public transportation system so quickly in Copenhagen .



      1. Where are you off to? I managed to visit Austria and Italy at the end of September / beginning of October. It was a lull in covid, so everything was open, but the risk was really low.


  1. We missed the canal tour – next time I’ll make sure to do that. Mind you, we did need to walk off the breakfast. I can O.D. on bread and butter and there were so many lovely breads there that I did just that. You can keep the cooked breakfast and the cold meats, just give me bread and butter and great coffee and I’m happy!


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