Copenhagen- Day 2

Gefion Fountain

The Gefion Fountain is a large fountain on the harbour front. The fountain is beautiful, we didn’t know the significance of its name and later we looked it up in our guide book. We did simply enjoy its beauty.

Later we learned it is called Gefion Fountain built in 1908. It features a large-scale group of oxen pulling a plow and being driven by the Norse goddess Gefion. It represents the myth of the goddess who was given the task of carving out a chunk of Sweden for Denmark’s main island Zealand.

This is a beautiful area of the city .Grassy covered moats surround and an old Anglican church which is made of flint adds to the beauty. I can t think if a more lovely place for an evening stroll. Its a short walk from the Little Mermaid.

First stop this morning was Rosenborgg Castle. It was an easy 20 minute walk from our hotel and a great way to start our day. we entered through the Kings gardens which was a bonus for me..lovely shaped hedges of lavender and privet and fabulous roses.

We bought our tickets for about $15.00 each and started with the vaulted jewel section in the basement. Danish Crown Regalia and so much gold to see .

This ivory ship was my favorite…other than the diamonds

This was the summer residence of for Royalty during the 1700 -the 1800.lots of history here .Webgotba chuckle out of the elaborately tiled ptty area , which was really an outdoor toilet type …for the Royals.

I loved seeing the Silver Lions on the top floor guarding the Throne.

Rosenborg Castle and Gardens in Copenhagen - Travel Addicts

From the Castle we took the 10 minute walk to the all pedestrian area called Stroget. It was packed with with loads of shoppers on Saturday. We stopped for a wonderful lunch, outdoors in the square. After lunch we walked through the streets and enjoyed seeing lots of different street musicians and performers.


      1. It really is as you say; and my tour in Europe was delightful on many levels but because of some world and mainly art history studies in college; the firsthand experience of the architecture and arts in all the countries there including of course Denmark as well, was exciting and a special experience for sure! Take care and enjoy!

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