Bogota, Colombia – Day 3

Botero Museum

2020 -Our guide commented on the history of this Botero Museum. The museum, which belongs to the Banco de la República de Colombia, was founded in 2000 when Fernando Botero donated more than 100 of his own works of art. He was a painter and sculptor.

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Bird on the Lady
La Mano de Botero – Great Seat

We visited here for hours and there was so much to see in this gallery. Our guide walked us through the area to find the best restaurant. We had to stop for a break and we were so hungry. The food was absolutely delicious with a huge serving. The best part was hearing these musicians. They were so talented.


  1. Looks like my sort of day – exploring with a good guide who knows the best places, a gallery full of interesting art (and where you’re allowed to take photos!), and a plate of tasty local food with entertainment as well 😀


  2. What an interesting museum! Fascinating to see how an artist recreates some of the world’s most-renown works. The food you had at the end looks hearty and delicious, too!


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