Bogota – Day 2

Our guide took all around La Candelaria by cab. This area is chock full of key things to see. So much street art, museums and restored 300 year old structures.


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Gold Museum – Bogota

The Gold Museum is a place not to miss when visiting Bogota. Free admission on Sunday. One of a kind collection of Gold Smith pieces. It began in 1939 and is a highlight for many tourists.  I learned there are 55 thousand pieces of gold of which 6,000 are on display. Below are some of my favorite exhibits.

Musica Raft
Funeral Mask
Invisible Man


  1. The piece you chose to share are stunning. It must have been so hard to choose which to take and which to choose. The elegant raft would look fabulous in my living room, don’t you think? I also love the street art. (Of course!)


  2. Sounds like a wonderful tour! I love your first photo (I always like to see street art photos with people in them alongside the art), and that gold funeral mask is stunning!


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