Hello Bogota, Colombia

Monserrate – Bogota -We booked a 7 hour bus tour through Viatour for $290.00. Outside our hotel there is a cab waiting with a driver who doesn’t speak English. That threw us in a flurry. Eventually our guide arrives. We realize it is just the two of us on tour. Humm?

We are told it is too congested to visit Monserrate on Sunday and the cable car is not in operation. With the long line-up for the funicular we would have to try around 4:00 PM. This would be the end of the day and our main purpose for taking this tour. We both went berserk. We negotiated our way to get there. Now he recommends the morning is best.

On the positive side our VIP pass is included, which allowed to skip the line.


As soon as we arrive we are on the funicular within twenty minutes. Monserrate is 10,340 feet above sea level. Every now and then we are a bit breathless. I notice several people out of breath with deep red faces and sweating. However, not as bad for us.

Pathway to the Top

The hike up the hill from the funicular had many interesting sites to see along the way. Wonderful Religious Statues, views of the city below with various types of shrubs and plants along the pathway.

Sanctuary of Monserrate

Rebuilt in 1926 due to earthquakes that destroyed the ancient church from the past. Inside many were waiting for the next service. The statue inside is known as Black Virgin of Monserrate. It got its meaning from the past when candles burning turned the faces of the statues black.


  1. Quite a crowd, but worth the view! Sometimes it’s best to have a tour guide to yourself to tailor the plan to what you are interested in (as long as they are willing to do just one or two people).


  2. Wow, what a view! I’m so glad you persisted with the guide and got to visit 🙂 So far all we’ve seen of Colombia is a very long layover in Bogota Airport on our way home from Chile (and a much shorter one there on they way TO Chile!) Need to rectify that 😀


  3. SO many people there…I assume this was pre-COVID, because those crowds are insane– I would be very uncomfortable trying to visit now, due to that. The views are absolutely stunning, though: they remind me of the funicular ride I took in Santiago, also to see super-high views of the city from above. Lovely views!


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