Cartagena – Colombia Day 3

The buildings surrounding the plaza are very interesting and colorful. The main building is the old colonial customs house where Don Pedro de Heredia, founder of Cartagena, once lived. We toured around on our own for the whole day. So historic and loved seeing this area,

Colonial Customs House

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Town Walls

The walls border the Old Town. A place to climb, walk along and take in the sites in and across the water. Many police officers standing on guard for tourists.

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This was a very really cool area to visit. We stayed within the Walled City, a perfect choice. Love the narrow brick roads, horses pulling carriages, lovely restaurants and sites to see.

This evening we went out to a unique restaurant around the corner from our hotel. We had fabulous red wine. Started with guacamole for our appetizer, steak for our main ,the total for all was $55.00..!!!! What a deal.

When we returned back from this restaurant we saw these street musicians outside our hotel and gave them tips .Fabulous show stoppers!


  1. it looks like such a warm place. I feel like Colombia gets a bad reputation in the main stream media, but everything you’ve shared totally shows it as a beautiful place to visit 🙂


  2. This is very much our sort of place and like you we would want to stay at the heart of the Walled Town and take our time wandering around 🙂 I love that photo of the street musicians!


  3. To eat like a king (and queen) for only $55 is a steal; usually, fancy meals would cost that for just a single person! Glad that you enjoyed checking out the walled part of town, as it’s the most touristy, but the most beautiful.


  4. It does look so inviting with the old ships and nice architecture. I noticed in your first paragraph that the word Colorful lacks the letter U. Have you become Americanised? 😂


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