Oak Island Mystery

We did our day trip to Chester, Nova Scotia and trying see if we could take a ferry over to Oak Island . We noticed there was a causeway to this island. So we were able to go and hunt around. We drove across the causeway but the island remains private and we were not permitted to walk around but we did get out our vehicle. Nobody there.

This was dot of land and no one noticed this until 1795. But a teenage boy discovered a circular depression in the ground and started digging. As he and his friends dug, they discovered layers of logs . They thought it was scrapings along the walls of a pit. Later a group of treasure seekers took over, convinced that the so-called ‘Money Pit’ was the site of long-lost buried treasure, possibly belonging to Captain Kidd or Blackbeard. They even claimed to have found a flagstone etched with symbols that, according to an amateur cryptologist, translated into “forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried”. WOW!!!

Over the past 200 years, despite the difficulties and risks (six men have died while digging), there have been many determined efforts to find Oak Island’s treasure, even attracting the interest of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

Rick and Marty Lagina who lead the treasure hunters on the History Channel a series named The CURSE of OAK ISLAND. We will start watching this series.

We saw on the sign of this group consisted of brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, Craig Tester, Alan Kostrzewa and Blakenship. Blankenship owned the island with the Michigan Group, until his death on March 17, 2019.


  1. Whether true or not, to know of the potential treasure buried in this particular spot of the world has inspired people to dig and dig in the past century. Perhaps it’ll be found someday, but until then, it’s a fascinating story to hear!

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  2. We will have to check this out next time we are down East. My husband and I don’t watch the show but we always comment that after all the digging, how much of the island is left? lol


  3. Thank you for sharing your adventures and lovely photos!!.. almost like being there!!… 🙂

    Until we meet again..
    May your day be touched
    by a bit of Irish luck,
    Brightened by a song
    in your heart,
    And warmed by the smiles
    of people you love.
    (Irish Saying)


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