Baby Orangutan – Sepilok

Our visit to the rehabilitation center. It is still raining harder than ever…we wondered if the feeding area would be closed. The feeding area is open with only a couple of other visitors. We were delighted to see a Mama Orangutan and her baby. A couple of large Orangutans arrive and once they eat their fill they disappear quickly into the Jungle.

We stay until closing and say Goodbye to this Magical Place. We can only hope the next generation does better at saving these creatures from extinction and take steps needed to preserve our planet.


  1. thank you for replying to my post in regards to my own mom. i have ptsd due to sufferages i suffered from because of the police department and their completely miserable failure to protect my own mom whom could had been protected if they would had simply removed a glock pistol from rudys house that he also had pointing at myself one night. i cant stand the police department! you have to understand in regards of the issue, as too, the woman that was married to rudy prior to my mom also diexd of unnatural circumstances as my Mom had. I live in Joliet Illinois and I’m upset, i get vulgarly sick each and every time i see their cars or even if i see them walking around as they appear as a threat to me and to those around me that lack any trust of them what so ever. i cant explain myself well enough to write about all the bad things that happened to me as a result of the police department and now we got harrassed by a black officer where i feel i was racially profiled because I’m white and gave us a speeding ticket while he had his body camera on and his hands on his gun and tazer over a traffic stop while the other people where driving twic the speed limit and we don’t even have one thing on our record. the dudes name is peterson and in going to work day and night to penalize him over what he did, also from the fact he wasn’t wearing a mask while the delta variant is going around and people are still dying from covid, he offered no form of identification to state he was vaccinated in that close of a distance of which is a threat to our well being from getting covid. he needs to be removed from duty immediately and also they must and need to get rid of all of them in their station from failure of the public safety and the incited problems that they had caused all on their own. Patrick B Rasmussen P.S. I’m really shook up!


      1. yep, we got a few psycologists and social workers and psychiatrists in my two families and they would tell you for me to move forward i have to resolve the past of then ie a guilty man that committed murder of my own mother is walking around free without charge, i have the court papers i got from ms brandalino to file in the court that i suffered from of abuse and criminal neglect to where i was almost his third victim of being shot right at his front door. Do you read the DMS? Im just wondering. Oh, Freud has an obscure form of thought and might had been mentally ill himself putting everyone into the same category ie if someone dresses differently then they don’t fit into society or if they live free by wearing a leather jacket and rides a knucklehead motor cycle then their deem to be outcasts and i completely fully disagree in regards to freud also because he was a cocain addict.

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      2. if you want to write to a few 0of the famous people or news anchors i text message feel free to do so, yet mike at chann el 2 news in Chicago does know the ptsd and trama i had happen to me as a result of rudy cernivich point a fully loaded glock at me at his front door at 501 elsie avenue crest hill Illinois and it repeats in my brain all the time, it doesn’t go away even like stigma whern they point the themomators at my forehead i think its rudy pointing a gun at me again and it causes flash backs. that i suffer from. you’d be surprized at the amount ofdiagnosis i was given and the types that i really don’t have at all that i was given prescriptions that almost killed me where at one time when president bill wiliam herny Clinton was in office i wrote to him about being illegally poisoned and he replied. i have nothing more then trama. i use and outlet to vent by writing. i think if i write happy things or productive things it will help me be happy if i can make other people happy. i only have one tattoo that i got from an outlaw biker on my left pinky finger that is just a dot. I’m really not an alcoholic doctor yet at the beginning of covid i was so stressed out, doctor, that i was panicking bad and would get a 24 ounce can of beer to even out the rough edges. I’m not a drug addict either. i did smoke a ton of pot when iwas a teen, yet it seems pot helped at times, i wasn’t using pot, doctor, as a social drug, i waas using it to be normal, ie when i was doing the mechanical drawings of my new and improved troops transport carrier the actual lines on oneof the drawings came out nice like a real mechanical drawing that an engineer could comprehend and that ddelt with the wheel base to self infalt tires if their vehicles go flat. I have tremmors in my hands yet had tremmors in my hands ever since i was a boy, yet my dad has trememors in his hands and so does one sibling of mine. i have an over active mind in creativity and I’m artsy fartsy. i do have depression that is more circumstantial then clinical and the circumstantial depression comes in when there are things that triggers from bad events in my past its sometimes a bad day for everyone around me of when i recognize that i try to think and or islotate my verbose sotra speak. i take a 50 milligram trazodone to go to sleep at night and a tramadol to hel0p subside the pain in probably 100% of my body. the current doctor that is a therapist at oak street health has noticed TBI systems in me yet i know i have that from migranes and vomiting and inability to get up in the morning. I’m a disabled American Veteran that is trying to live his life and amend the past by resolving it and by explaining what happened. When iw catch the news i get overly depressed, i had cried many times watching the news of the bad events that happened where people were hurt or died and or missing such as the missing and explored children where at one walmart i puked so bad someone thought i was sick and i had to tell them i cant stand the (profanity) child molestors one bit especially when my mom had to pull me out of holy family school from akin abuse. i was also abused at monessari school from rasing my hand in pre kinder garden from answering all the questions when no one else would and was put in thehall way where i was so mad i poulled the firealarm down after i was slapped in the face by the teacher and the firedepartment was right across the street and when they brought the rest of the kinds out side to hold hands from the fire alarm going off they forgot about me in the hallway a kid slapped in theface from answering all the questions. i happen to be different and i known that, imvery verbal and try to be open and talkative in public and try to create humor when in public ie walmart has the golf carts i can ride in that are shopping carts for disabled and i ride it around and state I’m practicing getting my drivers license and mention things as if I’m driving a car only to the attempt to create humor and have achieved that. my pst diagnosises where depression, manic depression, OCD, high functioning asbergers spectrum and was at times forced to take like a rainbow of a dixie cup of pills it was four dixie cups of pills like every four hours and i should legal be dead from taking that amount of pills. i occasionally take a valium when i get extreme panic attacks or when i cant sleep from sleep deprivation from the dam train horn so loud its louder then the tornado sirens sometimes up to 3 or 4 am. yet, i like to write, i am a published author, I’m a inventor too and she and i had saved money up one time 800 dollars to put an invention we physical made into a book from, i also have a l;better of recommendation of a propultion system for an automobile yet i have numerous reply like that. I’m also a poet and have coipy righted our poems in the library of congress with one illustration of our cat that looks just like here. i wasn’t trained in school what so ever nor had read any training in any books of how to sketch or draw i naturally sketch and draw sometimes live sceans with people in them that use to be my favorite to do yet at times ya have to set your bush down and take a break so ya don’t burn out, we had madeour own particle masks at the beginning of covid and have 35 designs yet actual prototypes are probably 5 or 6 others are illustrated. was studying the origin of where covid came from with a blank canvass for something to keep me busy, doctor, and to me that virus is evolutionary meaning its because they way people had been living on Earth the past 200 years where the bacteria was frozen in ice and or snow and reemergerd from global climate change too its really is a marine type of bacteria a marine and fresh water bacteria where the caynophage bacteria infects caynobacteria and alters a genetic sequence that really isn’t something that can be man made or genetically engineered. covid is 0.25 microns in size compared to drywall dust that is 0.45 microns in size for one reason why i was compelled to work on particle masks because my passion was drywall taping especially in renovation taping because you can learn things about human behavior from going into areas of living to renovate by how they treated their walls and or what kinds or construction crews worked on this and or that and how it affected the paint and or walls or ceiling, i loved working in cabinet shops too that was really fun to me as i use to wood work when i lived inwilmington and my mom and her thrid husband ray helped me make myown wood shop right off the channel where we could go row in a row boat or take the canuo out and row and go fishing and or walk the thickets, yet the main parts of my life was in not so city type of areas yet areas where there was the nuclear age homes built in. i used to paint with water color back then also my first invention was in 2nd grade not thrid grade to correct a memo, doctor, where i made a shakable flashlight from a copper coil meant for a tuner on a crystal radio set we made in boyscouts and y indian guides and the four h club where ei made the flashlight to read my moms and dads letters of when he was in Vietnam even if he stayed state side, they kept him state side because a general walked into class where he was a student and the teacher and the students where on the floor, and the general asked my dad the only person sitting ina chair why is everyone on the floor that included the instructor of the class and my dad stated their on the floor looking for the ground i dropped , a ground in a non tangible object it is a passing of current sorta speak ya cant hold it in your hands and when he explained that to the general he made dad teacher of the class and kept him state side, her dad was in the korea war and was in a intelligence type of thing those also stayed state side in heavy artillery incase they needed back ups, i was a engineer combat engineer 12-B 233rd Egn was my base after basic, yet i was extremely injrued severely and I’m not kidding i had a serious head tramma of a extremely serious impact of when i landed on my head from falling down a complete set of stars landingfirst on my head then on my right shoulder where mylegs was trapped in the extension cord my right side visual is hard to put up with much less my right ear and had headaches ever since migraines where you can even find report of migranes on the fort mccoy report at the hospital yet i originally went to the hospital because the duce and a hold ran over me in the sand pit when it got stuck when rebuilding a tank trap, that was over ten thousand pounds of weight it pulled on my casiuo watch i had my dad bought for me and my left foot got stuck under the back passenger wheel and that’s when it ran over me, not like my whole body yet my left foot where i walk on the edge of my left foot the the back of the heel where i put all my weight. i currently an engaged to a social worker that i happen to love with all myheart and would that i bought the Irish emerald ring for that took me two and a half years and i paid for it with honest money not SSA or SSI money id pick up trash to keep the area and neighborhood clean and would find change and would take it to David nealsons jewelry little at a time on payment of layaway yet i paid for it hosnetly while disabled yet doing all that cleaning gave me something to do. she tell me she wants her space and i do my best to provide her with all the space i can so she can get her self together and have some down time and i lacka car and i lack a drivers license so i try to stay in my room and work on my manuscripts or work on my other things she has me work on. and i listen to her because i love her even if she thinks i don’t listen sometimes and i tell her ya see that ring on my right index finger that is there when you saved my life, veterans save lives and i put everyone of the armed service veterans on her side for emotional support and help because she was there for me at times when i really almost lost it she was the onlyone there to hear all my story and i know its wearing like she tells me she is tired of hearing of the fema case that makes me really mad because the fat white (profanity) came to our house from fema with his stupid truck in the 2008 oct 3rd flood and took pictures of a basement ceiling a couple months after we filled the case that was fraud he caused and yet the only people i could write to at that time was the ISS as group members in gravitational orbit that wrote back like sciott turow wrote back the is wrote back stating each time you wash dishes ring the raq out and watch the water fall to the kitchen sink, scott turow the author lawyer and soon to be in the movies he wrote back of the fraud case with two autographed books he wrote to her and i stay dry as he knew we were victims of fraud. i keep asking her to get married and she stated she isn’t ready too and i want to get married to her, Terri, because i deeply love her and she was there for me and both family know each other and all the neighbors know were like glued side by side every day and i don’t want to be with anyone else and our two sons know the same thing. id make scriollsaw designs for her like id sketch her name on wood and would scroll saw it or id walk threw the pouring rain just to get her flowers on valentines day and she tells me not to becasueits raining and I’m on walking canes yet i do anyways to be a man to express my love and care, id buy her cholcates too because the older people stated chocolates are really cool to buy for her with the flowers that mike from channel 2 news thought the same thing too, she wants me to get the garbage out soon, so i have to stop typing here for awhile and then i have to checkon the dishes if they have to be washed.


      3. doctor, though her and i we were both physically healthy then bad physical impairments happened such as her left shoulder from working at a social worker agency or me when i was injured and the injury hurt my legs that was injured, we use to go walking at state parks like starved rock state park or we would walk to the stadium on the 4th of July and we cant do that currently well we walk at another park a circle track yet i can only walk to the first bench and cant go all the way around, doctor, and it bothers me so badly because i want to go walk with her like when we would walk at starved rock state park on a day tril to get away and lessen the stress. well, the injury we had, and the fact we both suffered a trama experience when we were emuch younger when covid took place we had a hard time kinda mentally and personally and emotionally as we were so clean, i mean clean, we would even wash the dirt out from under the stove knobs clean, before our super g vacuum cleaner that broke (that was my fault from steppingon the start part too hard because of my feet and leg hurts) when the super g vacuum cleaner worked we would shampoo our carpeting at least once a week and vacuum every day and i got to find way to fix that vacuum cleaner, it is a expensive machine and someone that knows how to clean, well both of us do, that vacuum cleaner was literally the best vacuum cleaner we had, it runs you can turn it on and it does work, yet it needs a foot peddle, then it needs bags, yet it was a better vacuum cleaner compared to one we bought on sale for 60 bucks because the black and decker vacuum cleaner we got from target, doctor, when you go to empty the dirt from the canister a cyclonic vacuum the particles get like every where where it kinda freaks ya out and its bad to breathe that stuff in, where if its a bag vacuum cleaner the particles and dirt is contained in a bag then ya just wash the edges where the bag is taken out of from that inner tube that is ina type of a fabric sleeve and put a new bag in. and, doctor, we liked our kirby super g and its my fault it broke and i feel so bad inside because it broke. i have to get $100 dollars to get it repaired as the kirby fix it guy stated it would be around $100 dollars, then we would have a vacuum cleaner that at least doesn’t let particles fly everywhere like the many other ones had. We wash our hands every time we come into our home covid or not. we use sterilizer on our hands a car squeeze gel type that is safe to use as its not classified as one of the hand setrilizers that are bad, doctor, yet we wash our hands a lot, we have lots of soap too lots of shampoo also, we keep storage on that stuff. Too, we have allergies that had negatively affected our day especially after the forest fires, doctor, the particles are flying all the way over here from California and it drives us mad we go threw so many paper products and I’m not kidding we have one separate garbage can just for klenex. well, were trying to slowly put our house back in order from along duration of problems ie crisis upion crisis and panics and floods and even plate movement when mount carmel Illinois had plate movement the waves travesed all the way too joliet and fractured the garage slabs and the basement walls, where in my inspections of environment as well as my neighbors well being, i watch their property and i noticed all the many cracks in the walls of the bottom exposed portion of their foundation and would ask them questions pertaining to if they had seepage of floods and or other ontake of water and every one of them had including in their garages just like us at home, doctor, and when financial crisis become a problem sometimes we would get a bit loud at home as two people that had stress we would get upsetyet nothing that is hurtful we just are stressed out, then there is the medical negligence a doctor caused at perimer dermatology that i had been seeking legal counsel for to help her of something that wasn’t cancerous at all, it was a basic type of brown spot ya get from tanning too much when young (were both grand parents) and they had actually caused a medical injury form inexperience and she is mad yet so am i and we want to sue them because they mad a medical decision while she was under the duress of laughing gas when they sprayed the spot on her cheek and scrapped too much skink off where the biopsy wasn’t requiment to have that type of medical practice and we want justice, she kn9ow me and i told her from the other complaints of permeire dermatology i want their (profanity) business such down and i want them to recover the medical expense they cause that is more then punitivie damage its a medical injury are our two families know the same thing as does everyone else and i just want them fired and closed down and i would be happy with that along with a stifflaw suit so she could get corrective surgery from what they had caused. its not medical malpractice it was medical negligence. i hate them people over there that caused that. too i hate the one person that did what he did to me when i fractured my left metarsal he didn’t even align the bones he just looked at my foot touched it, didn’t alingn the bone at all then put a boot on my foot of which is medical negligence and a bad one on top of it, both cases are. so, doctor, the pandemic is one kind of stress that has strained so many things yet me i have TBI and PTSD and when things aren’t right I’m a bit loud and or panic filled and sometimes hard to deal with like when your going threw a anxiety attack and no one can tell ya just think I’m koo koo or something because I’m having an internal panic attack, so i found ways to learn to curb it one way is i like to write, Doctor, yet we have also been doing our best to do the best we can even considering the cisis upon crisis, she and i did a good job and personally i feerl she had done a better job then i had, I’m not saying that just because i love her and i want to get married and our two families even think we need to get married, though she has it where it counts the most internally of care and choosing to change the subject in conversations when she realizes the many bad things that happened In America or its parent countries had badly affected me to no end. She loves when i listen to her without interruption yet i interject at times and try to just not talk when i want to give constructive input yet ive said the same thing and we are learning with each other side by side. for a hobby we have a few of them one is new we just began collecting coins we come across and out them in a coin collection book we got from local coin dealership, we make our own recipes, i had a resipie of a casserole i had been making all my life and i gave her the resipie and she made it flavorful much better then the one i been making close to 53 years and she makes these awesome wraps with a black bean and vegetables and their out of this world beyond delicious and i told her she needs to market her invention of her resipies to make money with. so, doctor, we are doing our best we can considering thepandemic and everything else under the sun. write some notes down now is not a good time i have a bit of house work to do. Good night, your friends, Terri & Patrick


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