CFFC: Water found in Nature

Bras d’or Lakes – NOVA SCOTIA

Wright’s Cove- Dartmouth -Nova Scotia

Stormy day- Cahuita, Costa Rica

Muddy Brook through the jungle – Costa Rica


      1. me too. i doa personal study in my own area of the vegetation being trees and bushes and the water. id go outside in the storms to watch how the water runs on ground with the homes around us. i cant do that so much anymore until i get my veteran benefits so i can get surgery at shines va hospital. I’m thankful you wrote once. i figured out how to writeon your form and others that takes a bit of figuring out. i wanted to post a picture of my one potato plant we got to grow yet that requires taking the lap top outside, or cromebook, and its hard enough to walk with two canes in hand then have to hold a lap top and figure out how to take a picture while pointing the camera in another direction.


      2. im not sure yet i think your in Canada. we’re in Joliet, Illinois. I was doing a study on the trees and found there really is a disease within the vegetation that went missed for the longest time.

        One tree i was studying that i could hold some control on is in my own front yard, a locust tree. kept warning the neigbhor not to park under it, yet a few ignored me and i stated the branch right above the street and sidewalk is going to fall off. both did. one landed that was a 26 foot branch right on the area where the cars park at, the other hung over the top of the sidewalk that was close to 15 feet.

        The city road crew comes out to cut the branches up when that happens, a group of men that pray they had a 50 foot boom for their trucks so they could reach higher up. i try to talk to the crews when their out there as i learn some things on the way too. Joliet has a good group of men that do their best they can. Common Wealth Edison has the lar trucks and i pointed one of them out when we went to Walgreens. They have a truck with a boom and a bucket that goes up probably 100 feet, yet the city crew praying they had one to help homeowners better, theirs is only 35 feet the severely limits the help they can provide.
        They really should, by the way, make the two liters plastic bottles into aluminium instead of plastic.


      3. the garbage men i talk to them too just asking basic questions as they have a robotic arm on their garbage trucks and i think it neato in design with a moving vehicle and i find out they have to calibrate the robotic arms that pick up the garbage cans just like a blood pressure cuff, that’s their words. Though too they see the tops of the trees too like i do less higher up as they have to get out of their cab of the garbage truck to calculate the distance if they can empty the bucket of not yet they know the same thing of the trees.


      4. it was suppose to rain today, yet it didn’t. she was on the phone so i went and got the watering can she has me use instead of bringing out the huge garden hose where i usually end up soaking myself anyway. i watered the marigold flowers and my one potato plant that i have no clue as to how it was able to sprout in such odd environmental conditions, yet it did. the searamint wouldn’t group nor the tulip bulbs yet the marygold flowers will. the marigold flowers are in their separate soil in a store bought pot that has the flowers pre bloomed. that’s why those still grow.


      5. were at home and im on my medical bed. i cant believe my health got this bad as fast as it did like in a two year period. i got hit by a car and it made all my veteran wounds kinda significant. when i state i got hit by a car its not as bad as you’d think. i lost my balance walking on a curb because i couldn’t access the sidewalk, it was a white out, winter, i heard a noise and turned around while standing on the curb and a car ran into my right outside part of my knee. i didn’t fall over yet it was a hit an run. a veteran guy and another man working at matress firm that had the same problem i had both stated you could have a lot of injury that really need medical attention yet then one thing happens that causes all the other injuries to hurt so much worse and more noticeable. i cant seem to get it out of my verbose or just normal conversation, I’m always talking about my injury like talking about it is ruining the good person in me, then if I’m on my walking canes the stress in my voice is noticeable where you could assume he really must have injurys like he states. then another thing, I’m not use to being disabled and i forget to bring my canes with to walk and i shouldn’t do that, yet its always clumsey. and I’m trying to live with those problems and i cant seem to compensate myself to adjust to everyone or things around me. i mean i wannna get out there and be able to run or stand and study something and i cant yet every time i think i can i end up hurting myself.


      6. i remember when i was a teen, i use to take my mom’s second husbands row boat out or caoue and go rowing on the river or the channels to each home when health was so much better. use to. i pray they come out with clip on robotic limbs to walk normally or function normally.


  1. Were you trailing your fingers in the water from time to time, Anita? All of your pictures look so inviting. The muddy water, maybe not, but the palm is beautiful.


      1. Do you grow them? My Mexican Fan Palm is about to explode with seeds, they will be pruned tomorrow, finally! I can send you some seeds… 🌴


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