Fire 🔥 in our Neighborhood

When I opened my door to take my puppy for a walk..I could hear a roar of sirens. I noticed huge a cloud of smoke rising from an apartment building. I hope people survived this.


  1. Oh my gosh, that’s terrible Anita! I hope nobody was hurt too. I found out yesterday that there is a small fire burning on the other side of the Spring Mountains, northwest of Vegas.


      1. That’s great news, Anita! Good news seems a rarity today. Than ks, all is well at my little homestead, bracing so to say for possible record temps coming for 115F next week. That’s life in the Mojave Desert…

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      2. You bet! It’s normal here but I hope it doesn’t have the sustain it had last summer. I had to water the bushes out front the house every day as the in-ground water system wasn’t enough.


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