Tiger Safari – Sawai Madhopur Ranthambore

Tiger Moon Hotel

All the rooms are in little buildings with tiled roofs and outdoor porches. Lots of birds and wildlife about, including a troop of black faced monkeys. Our room is huge with a King size bed and a seating area. The water runs cold for a while but with patience it gets hot eventually . This is not a Marriot by any means but I enjoy the rustic feel . For me it enhances my experience of being on a Tiger safari in India.

Our First Tiger Safari

We only had time for a really quick look and an even quicker meal as our Cantor arrived to take us immediately on our Safari. We joined our first safari at about 3pm just after arriving from our 5 hour train from Delhi. We join 16 others and got the last two seats in the Cantor. I’m on the edge of a very small two person seat and thought with all the bumps I would end up on the floor. Our group is made up of some very jovial Australian teachers who are travelling together and some young Americans. We had lots of fun sharing travel stories and binoculars.  After jostling around and taking a few pictures of some peacocks, deer and some baby crocodiles.
We heard the exciting news a Tiger was spotted up ahead . Our driver put it in high gear and with all of us holding on for our lives we raced to the viewing area. Sure enough hidden in the tall grass was a female Tiger lounging on her back . It was easy to loose sight of her but every now and then she would raise her leg ( which was huge) and remind us she was there. There are only about 36 Tigers in the park and we’re told many people don’t even catch a glimpse of a Tiger. We’re feeling  we’re pretty lucky with our first outing. Finally she crossed the trail and said GOODBYE!!.



  1. The world is losing tigers at a rapid speed. Every soon, these Asian wild animals will become extinct if we don’t take concrete steps to preserve them. As far as Tiger safari is concerned, there are a handful of places in India to go for it. And Sawai Madhopur is one of them. I am glad that you enjoyed it.


  2. I enjoyed your tiger safari. The picture you got of her leaving was a lucky shot from a vehicle. I’m assuming that you didn’t get out and chase her. Sadly, she didn’t turn around and say good bye. 🙂


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