‘Ring of fire’ solar eclipse over Canada

A File Photo from Taiwan

The Maritimes will see a significant partial eclipse that covers all but a sliver of the sun. It will appear here at about 6AM.

However, for most people watching, including nearly all from Canada, they will see this.


  1. Although it’s quite cloudy in London to day we were able to see the partial eclipse from our bedroom window mid-morning. There was hazy cloud over the sun so we could look directly at it and see the ‘bite’ that the moon had taken β˜€πŸŒ™


  2. I woke up early to watch this as the best views for us are reputed to take place at 5:40a.m. But in retrospect I should have done some research into good spots to watch the sunrise in Toronto. I wasn’t able to see much as my views were blocked by buildings or trees.


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