The Nazca Booby – Galapagos...memories of our travels

Mrs. Robin Looking at me

Black Throated Blue Warbler – Looking Happy

Here is my entry for Lisa’s Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge with the topic of Birds Using Selective Color.


  1. Awesome selection of selective color this week. So glad to see you back. I love Boobies! Okay, not that way! LOL! I need to go to the Galapagos. Sarah shared the blue and red-footed ones. Sorry for the late reply but I got hacked on Friday afternoon and haven’t been back on WP until today. 🙂


  2. Lovely shot of the black throated blue warbler, His eye is so sharp! As immature and wrong as it is, I also can’t help but compliment you on your lovely pair of Boobies! Sorry 😉


      1. I hoped you had a sense of humour, something that is lacking in the world today! If only everyone could laugh at themselves, it’s part of the Aussie culture and sadly being eroded by “political correctness”, though I do understand it can sometimes step over that fine line of acceptance.

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  3. I googled “The Nazca Booby” and they are quite popular sea birds, which I’ve never heard of. LOL. I learned many flower and bird names from your posts.


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