Cartagena – Colombia- Country Collection 110 …

Yeah !! Another Country added to my Collection. This a really cool area to visit. We stayed within the Walled City, a perfect choice. Love the narrow brick roads, horses pulling carriages, lovely restaurants and sites to see. The street musicians are the show stopper.

This evening we went out to a unique restaurant around the corner from our hotel. We had fabulous red wine. Started with guacamole for our appetizer, steak for our main ….the total for all was $55.00..!!!! What a deal.


  1. Wow fantastic and lovely images/country, it must have been an experience like no other being there. I am glad that you enjoyed your time in colombo haha


      1. Wonderful, I share your enthusiasm lol. I like being to new places as well, that’s what I consider freedom at its finest 👍😂


      2. Hey I’d like to clarify something; I didn’t know that “Colombo” was the name of an actual place in Sri Lanka. I just thought I was giving Colombia a “nickname” 😂😂. So I am sorry if that caused any confusion lol


  2. I only had a few hours in Cartagena two years ago, but I definitely enjoyed its colorful, colonial Old Town. I’d be keen on returning someday to spend an extra day or two wandering around!


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