Mehrangarh (Mehran Fort)- Jodhpur

This is just spectacular site to see and rivals any we’ve seen in the World. We take a taxi from our hotel and its only a short drive to arrive at the Fort. We buy the audio guide and enjoy making our way to the top. The fort is in bright red sandstone and is massive and dates back to 1459 . Built by Rao Jodha, the fort is situated 410 feet (125 m) above the city.

The audio guide does a good job in explaining the sights we see and is easy to lead us around the area . The highlight for me is the view of the ancient “blue city” from the top of the Fort. It’s really the only way to see it. An incredible sight. The indigo blue is a local colour and besides being beautiful acts as a mosquito repellant.

There are lots of tuk tuks waiting as we exit. Our next stop will be the Palace Museum.


  1. Wow, love the austere exterior of the Mehran Fort; it looks like something out of a movie! I wouldn’t be surprised if films were shot here. Looks like a good time!


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