FOTD – April 14- Pink Peony – International Day of Pink

Pink Shirt Day, celebrated in February in Canada, aims to stop bullying and raise funds to support programs fostering self-esteem and empathy in children. The international movement began in the small community of Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, when two Grade 12 students took a stand against an incident of bullying. 

Travis Price and David Sheppard noticed a Grade 9 student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt. Like many bullying incidents, this could have easily gone unacknowledged. Instead, Travis and David decided to do something. They scooped up some pink T-shirts and encouraged students at their school to wear pink clothes in solidarity with the boy who had been bullied. Out of the 1,000 students attending their school, 850 got on board by wearing pink. 

The successful movement quickly spread to neighbouring schools and well beyond.

Here is a link to Cee’s Photo challenge  FOTD page


  1. Of the many national special days, this is one that should be better known. I’d not heard of it before but I like it. Kudo’s to the young lads that started it.


  2. Actually in the past in at least several cultures in Asia, wearing red or light red is common, even being required in certain ceremonies. Now it is all gone. Men don’t wear red or light red anymore. So wearing pink is great. How daring…

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