Tiger Safari Day 2- Ranthambore National Park, India

Wake up call is 6 AM. After a much needed hot tea, we are off again. Good seat in the back of the Cantor and now we are better prepared for the cold with lots of blankets, gloves and winter hats.

The morning is beautiful with low lying fog. There are many more deer around this time of day and we see both the spotted deer and the larger black deer. I am delighted to be surrounded with a flock of bright green parrots, although no one else is interested in them. I guess they are common to the locals.

India 330

India 409
Once again we are fortunate enough to see a Tiger . He was moving at a quick pace but we get a full view of him, in all his striped splendor, as he makes his way to higher ground. Because I am so excited to see him I miss the picture . Oh well I’ll just have to record it to my memory.

The bonfire

This is our last evening. We join the group of other guests from the hotel around the bonfire. It is a very cold night but with the fire in full blaze we feel cozy and warm .
By now we know each other and have fun comparing our safari stories over a few Kingfisher beers. These beers are a liter size which works  fine with us. We enjoy our spicy Indian dinner sitting outside around the fire. Its a blessing  to have no stomach problems so far. It speaks volumes for the cook.

Our guide / hotel manager named Happy said he visited another hotel with entertainment tonight. When  he returns and sees us gabbing and laughing by the fire, he’s realizes we are having a far better time than he did. It was a wonderful evening. Now its  10PM and time to  turn in.


  1. So pleased you saw a tiger! We were lucky here too – one tiger at a distance on our first safari, and a mother and almost grown cub on the third. We drew a blank on the second but had a wonderful drive anyway!


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