Tiger Safari Ranthambore National Park

 Arriving from our 5 hour train trip from Delhi, my husband Patrick and I join 16 other adventure travelers. This is our first ever tiger safari .

We are so excited with the hope of seeing a tiger in the wild.  We get  the last two seats in the Cantor. Honestly, we have no idea what to expect. I’m on the edge of a very small two person seat in an open cantor, which is like a big jeep.With  all the bumps I feared I would end up on the floor or in the woods.

Our group is made up of some very jovial Australian teachers who are travelling together and some young Americans .We had lots of fun sharing travel stories and binoculars.  After jostling around we take a few pictures of some peacocks, deer ,and some  baby crocodiles

“There is a Tiger up ahead!”

Our driver puts it in high gear and with all of us holding on for our lives we race to the viewing area. Sure enough hidden in the tall grass there is a female Tiger lounging on her back . It is easy to loose sight of her but every now and I see her raise her leg, which is massive. This is meant to remind us. “I Am HERE!

With only about  thirty six Tigers in the park ,many people don’t even catch a glimpse of one ,even after many safari drives. It is amazing we actuality see  one on our first outing. Lucky us! 

AS the  sun sets at 5;30 we leave the park . Time to get back , warm up and  share a toast to our Tiger.


  1. What an amazing experience. How lucky that you were able to spot a tiger, and so close to the road. That must have been incredible and incredibly terrifying. Glad you managed to get a picture of it!


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