Just one Person from Around the World – Tanzania

He is a hard working young boy, taking care of these goats to help provide food for the village. As we drive along we see more young children working in the fields and milking cows. There are also young girls carrying babies wrapped in blankets. For me it is an emotional site to see but for them they are strong and live in peaceful way.

For That Travel Lady in Her Shoes’ Just One person from Around the World challenge.


  1. You’re right, these kids are strong both physically and emotionally I think. This is the only life they know. It’s too easy to forget that and to see them through the lens of our own experiences. I hate to see poverty anywhere, but at the same time I try not to make assumptions about how people feel about their lives, knowing that they will have a very different perspective to our own.

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  2. I do get emotional when I see this (even here in the rural areas in South Africa) … it’s not always easy to look at … but as you’ve said, that’s all they know. You’ve captured true sincerity here ❣️

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  3. Welcome Anita! Wow, 100 countries and counting right? I just loved that photo……..kids today in the US don’t know how easy they have it! Do you know if they have been affected by COVID? It would be interesting to know! Cady

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