Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Hawks

Sharp Shinned Hawk – Nova Scotia .They are small, long tailed hawks with short rounded wing.
Rough-Legged Hawk, Nova Scotia – Winter is the time to see this hawk in Canada. They are perched on a pole or hovering over a marsh or pasture on the hunt for small rodents.


  1. I’m so sorry I didn’t comment on your hawks last week just yet. Shop was a bit busy this week and we went birding yesterday. Love your Rough-legged Hawk. I did add both of your birds to the round up because you have a bird that we don’t typically see much and you were the only one with a Sharp-shinned Hawk for me to distinguish between it and the Cooper’s Hawk. I talk a lot about how those two birds are so similar and you allowed me to show it. Thanks so much for that! 🙂


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