Ngorongoro- Day 2

The Serena Lodge is even more beautiful and luxurious than we imagined. A wonderful bar off the lobby with leather chairs it is first class all the way. We are met at the entrance with trays of hot damp towels and cool exotic drinks. Rooms are arranged in round chalets with thatched roofs ( Maasai style) Our room has a king sized bed and we can overlook the Serengeti. We are escorted to and from dinner by armed security as there are no barriers between us and the wildlife. Dinner was wonderful, husge amount of appetizers lamb skewers, grilled pork chops and tons of fresh bread and desserts. Oh my, It’s not easy to stick to my diet. After dinner we enjoyed a traditional show with lively music and dancing.

We head out early in the morning on Safari. Best time to see these animals. The black faced monkeys are the first animals we see this morning. They were hanging out near an old camp site. They are so entertaining. I could watch them forever. They live in troops . In this group we see the entire diverse clan. The females tend to be the primary caretaker of the young.

Leopard We didn’t expect to see this elusive leopard. But there he was hanging out on a branch of a tree. We took several photos before our guide discovered the leopard had what was a Thompson’s Gazelle draped on a lower branch. It is his leftover food for later. What a good photo opportunity!


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