On Our Way to Johannesburg from Rome

September 3rd, 2014

We woke up at 8AM. After breakfast at our hotel we had to repack and get ready for our long journey to South Africa. Rome to London to Johannesburg with British Air.

We checked out of our hotel at 11AM. We drag our bags along the bumpy stoned streets and  sidewalks to the train terminal. We get our tickets for the fast train to the airport for 14 euros each and arrive in 30 minutes. We walk to T3, pass easily through Security and then stand in long line to get through Customs to enter Gate G. While in Gate G we have our last Italian meal before departure. Love the heated focaccias.

Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com

 We board British Air to London. We stow our carry-on luggage overhead. Carry-on bags are our way to travel. Turns out that our seats are in the Emergency exit area and pleased we have extra legroom. Arrive in Heathrow on time, good thing as it takes us 60 minutes to get through all the security procedure and and the on to our gate. It would be even longer if we had to change Terminals . 

Our flight is on time. Perfect! We now realize the plane has two levels. Row 78 where we are booked, is upstairs. Oh well we have two seats together on our 10 hour flight . Two movies, an hour sleep, dinner, breakfast and we arrive.

Jo’burg is how it is named by locals giving a better than expected first impression. It’s a super modern airport and in no time we arrive with our hotel shuttle.

We are staying at the Premier Hotel and it’s a wow. At $83.00 a night it’s the best bargain ever. It would be a $350.00 per night stay anywhere else. We have a gorgeous suite.


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