Vatican – Italy

We awoke this morning to teaming rain…had to use our ponchos on the walk to the metro. When we reached the Vatican we were so pleased to have booked our tickets online. There were a group of tourists waiting to buy their tickets as we could bypass the line.

Georgian Egyptian Museum.

We started with our audio guide at the Georgian Egyptian museum. This was massive and took about 20 minutes to enter. This is part of the collection of museums found at the Vatican. It includes nine rooms in the Belvedere Palace where we found many outstanding Egyptian artefacts dating as far back as 2600 BC.

Sistine Chapel

Even with our purchased tickets that it took an hour to get there. The Chapel was amazing but in my mind I remembered it to be larger….that’s always the way my brain thinks. What grabs the attention in the Sistine Chapel is not its architecture, but the frescoes that completely cover the walls and the ceiling. Some of the most important artists who worked in the chapel are Botticelli, Michelangelo and more. We stayed about an hour here taking it all in.

Raphael Rooms

The Raphael rooms which were used as the residence of the popes between 1507 and 1585. The four rooms were painted by the famous Renaissance artist, Raphael.  Our audio guide explained the rooms and paintings… it makes things a LOT more interesting.

After a rest and a lunch we roamed through three more museums before calling it a day. It is a fascinating site to see.


  1. Vatican was the only museum we did not buy the tickets online. Such a mistake!
    I had the same impression about Sistine Chapel, it is so small; but I think the impression is because the ceiling is so high, perhaps.
    Nice memories:)


  2. I love Vatican, so mach art and history . We bought our tickets online too and it was very fast way to get in. We stay only in security line for 15 min.


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