Pompeii – Italy


We can’t believe it is 5:30 when the alarm sounds…we only have about 4 hours sleep but surprisingly we feel pretty good. Lucky we have a roll and a banana available otherwise we’ll being starving on our way to Pompeii. Off we go to the tour office to catch our bus.


It takes us about 3 hours to get here. We’re on a Viator trip. It just seemed like a nice easy way to get to Pompeii. The bus is huge and modern. When we arrive we join up with local guide named Gina. She is fabulous with great enthusiasm and wonderful explanations. We tour with her for 2 hours seeing the ruins of the entire city. It is unreal how this whole city was buried within hours of volcanic eruption. We see what was once the homes and gardens of the  rich and also the poor. There are rows of ruined shops, carvings and in some areas the painted walls are still visible. We take a tour of the brothel area dating back 2000 years ago. On one wall there is a sort of menu of services that are available for a fee…not so different from today.

The most gruesome part is seeing the plaster bodies that are frozen in time. Mount Vesuvius still towers over the area today. It is only half of it’s original size. The top half blew off 2000 years ago and destroyed Pompeii in 79 AD, August 24 .Scientists are saying it may approach another blow up due to its recent seismic activity. It’s hard to believe the devastation it can inflict at any time.

After our tour we roamed around for an hour on our own, and stopped inside the walls of Pompeii for focaccias and a beer. We made our way through the exit to meet our bus. We were back in Rome by 6:45 pm. This was site we will never forget.


  1. I visited Pompeii in 2006, and I agree the tragedy of the situation centuries back is devastating; I wouldn’t be surprised if people claim for the site to be haunted! Thanks for sharing your time in Pompeii; it brought back memories of my time there, too. 🙂


  2. I found Pompeii to be such a unique place to explore and learn about the history. What I find crazy is so so many people still live in the volcano eruption zone…one day it will go again and destroy it all. Hopefully though science is good enough that people have the warning in advance!

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