Rome – Day 2

Today we made up our own tour . We headed out after breakfast we head to the church San Pietro with an amazing sculpture of Moses created by Michelangelo. Not sure why Moses had horns…have to look that up . The church is not far from here but you have to climb four flights of marble steps to enter…A tough start of our day tour…but worth it.

Next we walk to the tomb of the unknown soldier. This and the whole surrounding area is so beautiful. Not every Sunday can you can have a walk like this. We strolled by the Forum with it’s continuing excavation. Then when we reach the tomb we look back and see the Colosseum in the distance  along with a beautiful domed church on the other side. A fascinating view from the distance.

Next we continue on to the Pantheon. Only about 15 minutes away but the heat makes it seem further. Honestly we know nothing about the Pantheon. We could only stroll around the outside taking some photos as we realized it only opens at noon. After lunch we make our way back to the Pantheon and finally we can enter. It is a wow! Lucky for us there is a description about its history on the wall. We can’t believe how ancient this is. It dates back to 27BC. The open circle at the very center of the top is unreal.

In the evening we decide to make our way back towards the Colosseum for dinner to take in the night view. We ate at a Taverna, the wine was amazing! We shared a nice antipasti salad and we both loved the clam linguini. After dinner we walked back in the dark to see the Colosseum was lit with a golden glow!  



      1. Ok, I thought so, and I know your posts are from previous trips because of current conditions. This just sounded like it was in the present. Thank you for sharing your trips though, so we can live vicariously! Beautiful pictures and experiences as always! 💕

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  1. Rome is such a gorgeous city, full of history and beautiful architecture. I’ve gone both in summer and winter, and I can also vouch that the summer heat can be brutal for sightseeing. Looks like you braved it all the same!


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