Roman Forum – Colosseum


Roman Forum

First stop was visiting the Roman Forum. We learned from Trip Advisor to buy the tickets at the Forum to avoid the long lineup at the Colosseum. It’s been so long since we last visited here and it looks just as amazing as we remembered. Rick Steve’s audio guide gave us a wonderful tour. It’s all so spectacular. It’s unbelievable to imagine how many centuries old these incredible structures that we are seeing are still in existence. After a couple of hours roaming the streets of Ancient Rome the heat and exhaustion have taken hold. So we head to a Β nearby Pizzeria for a break .


After lunch we continue on to the Colosseum. We miss out on climbing to the Palatine Hill. I just couldn’t do it in the heat . It’s so hot and humid. It’s a little easier going in to the Colosseum. There was a huge lineup and very crowded. We are able to walk in with the ticket we purchased at the Forum, such a good plan. I appreciate the history and incredible size…60000 spectators could be seated here…but it is horrific to think of the barbaric slaughter that was once the show. We spend another couple of hours here and then make our way back to our hotel . We stop on a the way and have a very delicious gelato .


  1. I last went to Rome in 2017, but I didn’t step inside the Colosseum (last time was in 2006, during my first trip). Looks like it’s still standing tall after almost 2000 years, and I hope to return to see it for myself again. Thanks for sharing!

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