National Park Manuel Antonio

Beware of Scammers!


Totally different here than it was several years ago. Along the way there are tourist hackers everywhere acting as Guides. Avoid! To buy our tickets, we must walk along the tourist street to the entry of the Park.

Tourist Trail

The entry starts with a trail along a board walk or along the asphalt route through the park. The trail is congested with tourists and guides. Hardly an animal to see.  Animals say “Too many people. Stay Away!”.


Most tourists come here to take the trail to the beach. On a positive note the beach is lovely…maybe that’s the highlight of the day for many.

Punta  Catedral …Check 123

In the past the hike started at the base of the hill to Punta Catedral.  Not anymore.

 When we reach Punta Catedral …no signage depicting the height or distance to loop the hill. We climb numerous steep steps, up and down. We were not sure if we are at the top or how much further we have to climb. An older couple were exhausted. They decided to turn around to exit. Later, we realized when they left we were almost at the end of our hike to ground level. Signage is required!


  1. We loved Manuel Antonio We took the public bus, arrived early in the morning, saw a ton of animals for a couple of hours before others arrived and then enjoyed the afternoon on the gorgeous beach.


  2. Sorry to hear it’s become so crowded. I was there years ago when living in Guatemala when visitng rainforests were not uncommon for me. I most remember the river to cross on the way out when the tide came in, holding our packs over our heads to keep them dry.


  3. I agree it’s rather uncomfortable. The struggle begins to find a parking space, many touts try to stop the cars with authority, the best is to go to the end of the road and then drive back taking the cheapest one.


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