Paris Metro

This was our first time on the Metro in Paris. Weren’t sure what ticket we needed. A person we asked said our bus ticket would work. There were no attendants,  so we took his advice. We inserted our tickets and the gate opened.

35 minutes later we arrive at Versailles. Our bus tickets were rejected. No way to exit. We didn’t have the right tickets. The lady behind us spoke a bit of English and was so helpful. She spoke to a worker. He was busy and couldn’t deal with this issue. He opened the gate and let us out. Otherwise we would have been fined.


Palace of Versailles

Short walk from the train station. We decided to buy tickets for the Palace. We didn’t have enough time for all. As it turns out we had a lovely view of the Gardens from the Palace windows.


The Hall of Mirrors

The audio tour included with our ticket was very informative. We got to know what we are seeing. The Hall of Mirrors is my favorite. Back in the day this would be considered the Hoo-hah! 357 Mirrors on both side of the whole area.


The King’s Bedroom

This is where the King would invite people to come and visit. It reminds me of the time when John Lennon and Yoko were interviewed in their Matrimonial Bed. Maybe that’s how they came up with the idea.


Many ancient paintings that depicted the then and now. This is how news was spread. Painting of Royalty, religion and battles. A wonderful tour day for us. Back to the train and now with an actual train ticket.


  1. Funny on your ticket jejeje but many do the same visiting. Before my current home lived for 9 years in Versailles, super missed it, the best! Cheers


  2. I found the comparison between Louis XIV and John Lennon amusing, you could extend the resemblance to the hair. For the mystery of the ticket that works at the entrance but not at the exit, there are geographical areas from the centre of Paris. A ticket for zone 1 would enable you to enter and exit in this zone, but not to exit in zone 4 in Versailles for instance.


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