The Louvre

Our booked are tickets and we beat the crowds. A popular tourist place!!


First stop for all visitors is to see the the Mona Lisa. A highlight of the Louvre. Forty minutes later we are in front of the barred-off area of the Mona Lisa. When we were here years ago, we could stand directly in front of this famous piece of art…life changes over time.

A group of no more than thirty are permitted to enter the area in-front of the Mona Lisa. All taking phone shots and selfies of course. It so tough to get an upfront look. Unable to stand to the side of the painting and and take notice of her eyes are following you.

It amazes me how famous this painting is. Don’t get me wrong! It is an outstanding work of art by the world famous Leonardo De Vinci. However there are so many other fascinating pieces  of art here as well. I am thinking her fame began when you walk to the left or right of the Mona Lisa, her eyes will  follow. That’s my belief.

During our three hours at the Louvre we visit the entire art gallery. My favourite is the Greek and the Egyptian areas.


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