Basilica of the Sacred Heart -Montmartre

Even though we are jet lagged and zonked…this is a place we can’t miss. It is a steep climb to get to the Basilica. Located in Montmartre, the highest point in Paris. The view from here is incredible. In the distance we can see the Eiffel Tower.

The construction began in 1875 and was completed in 1914. The Architecture is incredible. The Dome and the Bell Tower is 91 meters high.  It is a popular place for locals and tourists. We spent about two hours here.  A great first stop for us.


This evening we roam around trying to choose a restaurant. So many that all looked wonderful. The first one  we chose was a mistake. With all the smoking ….we had to leave.

Cafe Franoeur – was amazing. Lovely atmosphere, food and wine .We both chose the lamb …sooo yummy. I would rate this as a 5 Star.



  1. A favorite spot, the artists and cafes and views. Years ago, I stayed in an Airbnb nearby. The taxi drove up the hill to my flat. I dropped off my bag and walked up to the corner of the block to get some groceries and discovered the little market square in the movie Amelie!


  2. Montmartre is no doubt one of the most-beautiful neighborhoods in Paris. Its bohemian atmosphere makes such an attractive place to be. One of my favorite restaurants and hidden bars is in Montmartre, and I hope to return there someday for the good food and drink! Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures in Paris! 🙂

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  3. Having already spent several years in Paris, I can only share your enthusiasm for this great city. Although I like the view from the Basilica of Montmartre, I am not naturally attracted by its architecture and I don’t remember entering it. I will have to fix that.

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