Hong Kong – Zoological Botanical Garden

Short and easy bus ride to the gardens from our Hotel. Easy bus ride as I say… tough part is the steep climb up the hill to the Park entry. Located on the Northern slope of Victoria Peak. Founded in 1864, originally developed for plants.


Approaching the Western side of the park we hear strange howling sounds. It is actually from these monkeys swinging from tree to tree in their enclosed cages. There are buff- cheeked gibbons, an orangutan, a sloth, black and white lemur and others types of animals as well.  An African spurred tortoise looked so sad as he was confined in a small space. We have seen many of these animals in the wild. Always makes me so upset to see animals caged up and crammed together.  The happiest part was the cat standing on his own at the top of the steps.

Plants and Trees

Best part of this walk is the garden. Large collection of palm trees, bamboo, shrubs and a massive ancient herb garden. Over 1000 species of plants. Rare a gorgeous collection of Camellia.


Fountain and Memorial Arch

The Garden Fountain and pond is a perfect rest stop. Originally built in 1864 has remained a focal point of the Gardens. The Memorial Arch was Erected in 1928, in memory of the Chinese who lost their lives during World War 1. It was destroyed during the World War 11 and later rebuilt. It is guarded by Stone Lions.



  1. I have been to zoos where the animals are well looked-after and have loads of space (a good example is Jersey Zoo founded by Gerald Durrell). But on the whole I am not happy to see them enclosed in small spaces, especially the ones who in the wild would be so active, like the monkeys. I know some zoos do great work in conservation, but I sometimes wish they would put their own house in order and care for the animals they own as well as for those they try to support in the wild.


  2. I don’t like seeing animals in cramped conditions either and am not a fan of zoos. Safari parks are a much better option although I realize it’s not an option in cities. The gardens look lovely though.


  3. I too am not a fan of zoos where animals are cramped together in small cages but I agree with Tina’s comment above and feel it especially applies to large cities like Hong Kong. We are lucky in Australia where animals are much better spaced out and we have a growing number of open plain zoos where you drive around or take special buses around large open animal enclosures – eg Dubbo Zoo, if you ever heard of it?

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  4. Poor HK, such turmoil of late. Agree w you re the zoos but then I remember it’s the only way some will ever see them so perhaps it’s an opportunity to gather support for them in the wild. We can hope


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