Kowloon – Ladies Market

Ladies Market

Easy run by bus from the Ferry Terminal to the Ladies Market. The bus is right outside the terminal.

We are surprised to see how busy the market was in the morning. It became insanely  jam packed as we get closer to noon. Tons of venders selling everything and many shops had knock off designer clothing, purses, shoes and jewelry. Perfect place to buy cheap trinkets. However, I am surprised to see no pearls. I got a knockoff sweater and Pat a small travel bag.



After hours shopping around we are starving and entered  the first restaurant we see. The place is busy with lots of locals being served. Thought it was a perfect choice for us. Not! We were handed the tourist menu. The steamed chicken dish was undercooked. I was nervous that we would get food poisoning. All we ate was the edges of the chicken that wasn’t bloody. We ate the soup that had jelly stuff and hard chunks of coconut. As we were leaving I noticed the locals were much tastier food. I guess we were tourist dummies.

Bus 1A

We make our way back to the Market to find Bus 1A. We are on the sidewalk looking for directions on our phones and a lovely lady gave us directions on how to get to our bus. She pointed where we should walk. Off we go and couldn’t find the bus sign. As we turn the corner a bit confused, we run into to her again. It is surprising to see hundreds of people around and we see her again. This time she walks us through the mob to the bus stop. As soon as we approach the bus pulls up. Wow!!


  1. That is always funny when you travel to run into the same random person more than once. Clint and I will talk to a person/persons and walk away and later in the day they will be in the same restaurant as we are! So odd


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